Products ー You can choose from 9 different kinds of waxes

G1 Oil Gelee

Create silky and shiny hair

Gel wax blended oil ingredient
 ・Light texture wax
 ・Create silky and shiny hair
 ・It can be used as a leave-in treatment before going out

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M2 Aqua Milk

Create fluffy and moisturized hair

・Moisturizing milk wax
 ・Give your hair full of shine and fluffy feelings
 ・Great for controlling straight hair and re-creating curly hair
 ・It can be used as a leave-in treatment before going out

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D3 Arrange Clay

Create dry and messy hair

・Clay wax for women
 ・Fuzzy and matt finish
 ・Arranging dry and messy hair
 ・Create rough hairstyle like a bed- hair

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W4 Nuance Wax

Create natural tousled hair

・Pliable wax for wide variety of hairstyles
・Create bouncy and tousled hair style
・Give your hair movement and nuance as you like

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W5 Move Wax セット力5 ツヤ感2

Create moderate movement and freely hair stream

・Easily workable wax for various hairstyle
・Light texture and moderate hold
・Mold your hair with complete control

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F5 Flap Wax

Create detailed movement with fiber wax

・Elastic fiber wax
・Create vibrant and lively feeling and movement
・Great for expressing detailed hairstyle

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G6 Jerry Wax

Create glossy and sharp hairstyle

・Manageable gel wax
・Create wet and edgy look
・Mold your hair with utilizing specifications of the wax and gel

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W7 Freeze Wax

Create enduring strong finish

・Mold your hair firmly
・Strong hold with 24 hour
・Create flexible movement and detailed arrange of hair tips

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D7 Dry Wax

Create light and spiky style

・Pliable dry wax
・Keep the light and matte finish regardless of your hair types
・Bend and move your hair with firm hold

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